Child-Watch Phuket – Gallery

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On the May 9th, 2013, I visited the Child-Watch Center in Phuket Town.  There are about 30 children at the center during the day, with most coming from impoverished or troubled homes, and three of them are orphans who live at Holland House full time. The children’s ages range from 18 months to 6 years.  Volunteers are welcome to come assist the Thai staff with the children. A volunteer’s time is spent reading to the children, helping with writing skills, and playing amongst the children. Read more about my time volunteering at the Child-Center on my blog.


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Lourika Reinders

Born and raised in Namibia and studied in South Africa, Lourika is the daughter of a successful safari guide and grew up bushwhacking the African wilderness. She made photography her career in January 2012, and is now concentrating on commercial photography work in Namibia.

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