Separate Side of Songkran – Gallery

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On April 13, Thailand celebrated it’s well known water festival called SONGKRAN to mark the new year on the Buddhist calendar.
I highly recommend this event to any traveler passing through Thailand in this time. In the north of Thailand, people celebrate the new year for 5 days.  In the Bangkok it lasts for 2-3 days.  In Phuket, however, it is only a one day celebration (which is enough).

We left home at 6 o’clock Saturday travelling to Wat Chalong Temple for sunrise offerings.  I thought that we could maybe see some interesting moments at the temple…. and I was right.  Read more about the Songkran New Year festival on my blog.


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Lourika Reinders

Born and raised in Namibia and studied in South Africa, Lourika is the daughter of a successful safari guide and grew up bushwhacking the African wilderness. She made photography her career in January 2012, and is now concentrating on commercial photography work in Namibia.

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