The Himba – Gallery

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The Himbas are one of the last nomadic and traditional people in the world.  Their first contact with Westerners was only 15 years ago.  The village where I took these images at, is located in a small settlement behind the hills of Palmfontein.  The area is surrounded with makalani palms and dry river beds.  The Himba people are herdsmen, owning cattle and goats, while leading a semi-nomadic life.

The Himba women are famous for covering themselves with otjize, a mixture of butter fat and ochre, to protect themselves from the sun and as a mosquito repellent.  In the photos in this gallery, Marianna demonstrated how she uses smoke to “perfume” herself twice a day and how she rubs the ochre mixture on her body every day.  The women never wash with water, they only rub themselves with the ochre mixture, whereas the men are allowed to bathe.